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Ainia has deep expertise in service communications. We are keen to innovate and create solutions that deliver better customer experience and satisfaction as well as more efficient service processes. Through our Switchboard Guys concept, we bring solutions that are based on the leading industry technologies.

The cornerstones of our expertise are in:

For us, the right solution is not simply to use technology but to make sure that it is utilised in a way that supports our client’s business.

Switchboard Guys

Corporate-customer communication is undergoing a transition, both internally and externally. People and their teams need to be able to communicate as efficiently and as fast as possible and in a variety of different ways, both within and between the organisation and its customers.

The goal is to make it easier to do business and increase customer satisfaction and employee experience.

Our solutions will streamline both your internal and external business services. We will renew your organisation’s customer service methods and automate your service processes.

Our solutions

Anywhere365 solves communication challenges and revolutionizes the way you work with existing tools such as Microsoft Teams & Skype.

It is a communication solution that centralises the management of your service channels, revolutionises work methods, and provides management information to improve your customer service experience.

Anywhere365 increases the productivity of dialogues and the utilisation of the company’s existing expertise, thus improving work efficiency and employee satisfaction overall.

Improve your business by connecting a person with a need to a person with a solution.

Customers expect and demand customer service versatility, 24/7 availability and an omnichannel solution.

Cognigy is an end-to-end solution which enables all devices and applications intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

It is a holistic AI platform which allows you to develop, deploy and run conversational AI’s.

It allows your organisation to increase end-user satisfaction and generate more revenue.

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